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Xilaiya ecological agriculture and animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd. is willing to wholeheartedly cooperate with friends at home and abroad with excellent products and perfect after-sales service to create the future
Henan Xilaiya Ecological Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. is a manufacturer mainly engaged in the research and production of automated poultry cage equipment, including egg chicken cages, meat chicken cages, chick rearing cages, duck cages, rabbit cages, and quail cages We specialize in the production of various poultry and livestock breeding equipment, including automatic feeding cage systems, automatic drinking water systems, automatic fecal cleaning systems, automatic egg picking systems, automatic cooling and heating systems for chickens, ducks, geese, birds, etc
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Egg chicken cage
Meat chicken cage
Brood cage
Duck cage
Stacked Egg and Chicken Cage
Four/Five/Six/Eight/Multi layered Cage Egg and Chicken Cage
Super high-rise egg chicken cage
Two layer upper and lower/three layer upper, middle and lower feeding mode cage egg and chicken cage system
Stepped Egg and Chicken Cage
Three/four/five tiered cage style egg and chicken cage
Stacked broiler cage system
A planter (or cart) type broiler cage with a ventilation duct in the middle and a distance of 1400mm from the outer side of the column
Automatic chicken cage It can automatically produce chickens, and the installation method of the feeding tray on the feeding pipe is divided into fixed type and swing type
Stacked broiler cage system Good ventilation effect, with double-sided open doors for catching chickens and a distance of 1200mm for meat chicken cages
Ladder breeding cage The stepped brood cage can be optionally equipped with a scraper manure cleaner, a belt manure cleaner Gantry feeder and sidearm feeder
Six layer brood cage The breeding cage adopts a three-layer management model with upper and lower layers. Save usage area and increase the number of chicks and chickens raised
Stacked baby rearing cage The breeding cage adopts a three-layer or four layer management mode. Equipped with a sidearm feeder and a belt manure cleaner
Meat duck cage
Automatic fecal cleaning meat duck cage system, automatic fecal cleaning, manual duck feeding, meat duck cage with a distance of 1200mm from the main outer frame
Stacked egg duck cage Stacked egg duck cage, capable of automatic egg picking, automatic water feeding, automatic feeding, and automatic fecal cleaning for laying ducks, saving labor and facilitating management
Egg duck cage H-shaped egg duck cage, capable of large-scale and industrialized breeding of egg ducks, with Short construction period, low investment cost, and good economic benefits
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Since its establishment, Henan Xilaiya Ecological Agriculture and Animal Husbandry Technology Co., Ltd. has continuously innovated, pursued excellence, and been recognized by customers with integrity! With the vision of "making animal husbandry a happy and relaxed thing!", we continuously contribute our efforts to the development of China's animal husbandry industry!
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We are providing reliable fully automated equipment and technical services for livestock and poultry farms, as well as innovating farm management methods to improve farm efficiency, relieve and improve farm management pressure, and make it easy for farmers to breed. We are committed to creating new modern production methods for livestock and poultry farms.

Since its establishment in 2017, the company has always adhered to the business policy of "technology, quality, and reputation" as the foundation of its products, and has always adhered to a practical and scientific development concept. It has developed a modern and scientifically effective cage raising commodity meat chicken system, egg breeding chicken automation, automatic weighing and feeding system, and automatic egg collection system. The products have the advantages of reasonable structure, stable performance, good quality and low price, stability and durability.
Henan xilaiya ecological agriculture and animal husbandry technology Co., Ltd. has a strong R&D team, and is equipped with advanced poultry breeding production equipment. It can develop new poultry breeding products according to the market situation, and can process and develop suitable poultry breeding cages according to the requirements of customers. Our strong R&D strength enables us to innovate every day.
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